Advance Care Planning:Redesigned

Uphold Health delivers on-demand education and supportive care planning to patients and family caregivers navigating advanced care.

Our Approach

We don't give statistics, we tell stories.

Our customized care roadmaps empower families to collaborate in caregiving decisions, prepare for future events, and connect to supportive care resources and services, long before a dire need arises.



Upstream contextual-education illuminates the likely situations and decisions families face throughout the course of care.

Giving families the opportunity to set realistic expectations, prepare for worst-case scenarios, and align in their understanding of prognosis and plan for care.



Highly-personalized care directives include preferences, decisions and robust action-plans, automatically saved and shared.

Ensuring quality of life and personal beliefs, values, and preferences are kept in perspective throughout the care continuum.



Our proprietary systems identify and connect families to the right support resources and services, at the right time.

Fostering upstream engagement in supportive care services, ensuring patient and peace of mind, and empowering family caregivers to be effective advocates.

How It Works

Illuminating the best path forward, every step of the way.


Families interact with Uphold Health platform, face-to-face with a provider.


Families complete planning modules - at home or virtually, at their own pace.


Providers receive reports on care modules and conversation guides.


Right-fit support resources and services are introduced, at the right time.


Advance CARE Directives are created, updated and shared at anytime.

Who We Help

Starting with patients and families at the center of our designs, we’ve created an industry-agnostic solution that addresses the ongoing needs of patients and family caregivers, while providing value across multiple stakeholders

Patients & Family Caregivers


Risk Bearing Entities



Prescription for Care Planning

Families are engaged in care planning further upstream ensuring important care decisions are made prior to a dire need arising.


Data-Driven Predictions

Uphold Health’s technology leverages EHR, insurance, and qualitative data to craft patient-centered recommendations throughout the care continuum.


Content Engine

Contextual-based content illuminates likely care experiences to encourage common-sense care decisions.


Actionable Roadmap

Families explore and save downstream care options so Caregivers know what to do, where to go, and when.



Experience less stress or anxiety about care


Clearer on care decisions


More willing to utilize support care services


Impact to existing provider workflow


Patients need more help. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the tools or the time.

- Oncologist @ Northwestern Memorial Hospital

It is easier to redirect a river way upstream.

- Physician @ Rush University Medical Center

I was looking through the internet for help and felt overwhelmed by all the different sites. Thankfully a friend introduced me to Maggie. I feel much more comfortable talking to my family and my doctor about what I want. It feels good to know my family has a real plan for my care.

- Cancer Patient

About Us

At Uphold Health we are dedicated to improving the lives of patients and family caregivers. We’ve been there, we get it, and we can help.


Dr. Steven Lee
Dr. Steven Lee

Co-Founder CSO of Opternative

Dr. Roy Smythe MD
Dr. Roy Smythe MD

Chief Medical Officer of Healthcare Informatics at Phillips

Jamie Gladfelter
Jamie Gladfelter

Professor of Economics, Co-founder and CTO of InYourBuilding

Michael Altman
Michael Altman

Co-founder and CEO of Rivertown Therapeutics

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